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your voice, your network

Podcasting is how new voice studios started. Our little Bardown Beauties venture that started at my kitchen table has grown into an established media outlet for the hockey community in Minnesota. We've found advertisers who want access to our listeners, and created credibility for ourselves. Nearing 100 episodes, I can firmly say that we are just now feeling comfortable with who we are. It takes time, patience, and the willingness to try things to succeed.

So, that being said, I wholeheartedly see thousands of benefits within podcasting, where you will find your voice for your business or yourself.

the power of spoken words

The spoken word is how humans communicate. It always has been. There's just something powerful about listening to a voice tell a story or try to explain a complicated concept. The best of communicators are idolized for their ability to capture attention while painting a picture so vivid, you feel transported to a different time and place. That's the true power in podcasting.

Podcasting is also a tool to help build brand awareness or prove that you are the leading expert in the field. It gives you the ability to go into detail in ways that other mediums can't. It is a perfect platform to give you a strong call to action with loyal followers.

Podcasting is also a unique platform because it is accessible any time of the day with an audience that has the capacity to listen for long times. Just look at the stats from below. According to them, podcast audiences are affluent, educated and loyal.

One thing that I do want to get across while being very transparent. Not everyone should be podcasting. There is a magical formula of charisma, chemistry, intelligence, and storytelling that can really drive it home and build an audience. Your topic also can't be too broad; there needs to be a good niche that you are driving toward or that you are an expert in.

All of these building blocks can equal success toward a product that you yourself love. Can you tell a good story that captivates? We can show you how.

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