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what's your sport?

I've been obsessed with sports since I can remember. It began with an athletic *prowess* (and by *prowess* I mean I peaked in college intramurals) that transitioned into just an overall love for the game -- any game but mostly hockey.

Hockey to me has it all. The storylines, the energy, the excitement, the disappointment. Sports are funny in that way that they send you on an emotional rollercoaster as a fan, player, coach and media member.

But hey, that's what makes it fun right?

I've often questioned: 'what do people who don't enjoy sports do?'

It's meant very tongue in cheek because certainly I recognize that not everyone in this world is a sports fiend (and let's be honest, they probably have a life and less gray hairs than someone who follows a Minnesota sports team). But still, I am always curious to figure out how my passion for sports translates into other peoples passions for, frankly, other things.

For instance, politics are for many what sports are for me. Emotions run high, people soak in every bit of information they can and usually you see it split into two teams of people battling to be dubbed the ultimate winner.

Now you might be wondering, why on earth does that matter, especially in the scheme of digital content, marketing, production et al. Why try to relate your passions to others? Because that is how I connect to an audience. That is how I connect to a person and that is how I best tell a story. How I best create a content strategy.

For the longest time I put myself in the box of sports media, and while that for the time being continues to reign supreme in my media world, I desire to also experience the passions others have in order to effectively tell those stories too.

Maybe it's health and wellness, maybe it's crafting or maybe it's just about empowerment -- whatever your sport is, I want to hear about it. I want to learn about your passions and I want to help you win the content strategy game.

So let's go.

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