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what's your story?

We've preached the importance of good storytelling (and honestly, we can't emphasize that enough. After all, it's an area all three of us are experts in). But we stress it because good storytelling, and compelling stories, are the backbone of successful marketing.

We're surrounded by stories every day. Human interest pieces. Behind- the-scenes people who create our favorite products used on a daily basis. Think about it, aren't you more likely to purchase an item knowing the origin story after it pulled at your emotions versus a company taking the approach of 'buy this, it's the best.'

None of this is to say that that approach won't work. It's proven for centuries that it's effective. But in today's constant digital content era, content truly is king. Content sells with stories.

It's the story told by cinematic videography about a 70-year-old Zamboni driver, who for decades has given players a fresh sheet of ice at a decaying old barn because he loves being a part of the game.

It's the long-form story written with exceptional description about an interaction between a farmer on his family's land, working together with the local grocer to not only provide locally sourced food for the community, but a friendship and bond that expands beyond product purchasing.

It's the high-quality instagram photos: a closeup of a woman's hands sewing a dress for a customer; a young child running through the city's water park; a moment captured in everyday life that begs you to learn more. To seek more. To find the story.

It's weaving all of those elements together to compliment one another in varying mediums and platforms to share the same story in different digestible ways to appeal to everyone's appetite intake.

So, what's your story? And how are we going to help you tell it?

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