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What kind of video do I need?

There are very few things in the world that can clearly and effectively evoke an emotion like video can. That's why I love it. It's why I live it.

Video is also a very broad category for communications. Technically video is defined, thanks to Merriam-Webster, as "a digital recording of an image or set of images (such as a movie or animation)". So the world is really your oyster when trying to fit into that.

A few types of videos that could help a brand get their message out there would be explaining animation, sit down interviews, live streaming, social media stories, motion graphics, typography, cinema style storytelling. The list can go on for a while (and yes, we can do them all).

My advice would be to pick the type that can tell your story and elicit an emotional connection. Utilizing someone who is good for camera and well spoken will usually be able to walk that balance and get consumers to connect to your brand. Flushing out your true voice and having a well-established story clear will supersede all decisions about which video type will work.

Ask yourself:

• What are your goals?

• What strengths are you trying to highlight?

• Are you trying to make a complicated concept simple?

• Are you trying to appeal to people's basic nature?

Once those questions are answered, then you can start to explore what is most effective. And if you are having trouble answering them, we're here to help.

Lights. Camera. Action.

Check out some of our video production:

RideMN Promo (client: RideMN)

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