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video? audio? blogs? finding your media fit

How do you consume media?

Is it visually through photos or video? Is it audio focused with podcasts and radio talk shows? maybe you prefer written, either digitally on a blog or hell, maybe print is your jam.

Odds are, in a world that throws everything at you, you probably consume it in a variety of ways every single day. The great thing about media, is that you don't have to pick just one. In fact, I recommend you don't.

Media platforms were built to compliment each other. With everyone consumption preferences being different, it's important for brands and businesses to acknowledge that and work on a variety of mediums to cast the widest audience net possible.

VIDEO: We talk a lot about goosebump moments at new voice studios. Video, in my opinion, will give you that feeling the most often. It can be goosebumps in the dramatic sad way, in an uplifting happy way, or even in a triggered, 'I want to take action' kind of way. Video is one of the most powerful ways to tell a story. It forces you to be to the point, with an audience's attention span being very limited (think 1-2 minutes, max 5 unless incredibly compelling).

AUDIO: Podcasts are without a doubt the new 'it' thing. Why the craze? Because they are relatively easy to get started up -- and who doesn't love talking for 30 minutes to an hour about a topic their passionate about? The great thing about podcasts is the ability to make the audience feel like they're right there with you. They're your buddy, bellied up to the bar or hanging out on the couch listening to an intimate conversation or hilarious behind the scenes stories. There's also a flexibility in how, where and when people listen to podcast episodes. They might binge them all in a day, subscribe weekly and have it on first thing on release day, or while they're taking a road trip. Podcasts are their own earworms, and it's a trend we think will be around for awhile.

WRITTEN: The written word will never die -- or at least I hope not as I've built my entire career around it. While print remains fairly unstable (although I argue there will always be a time, place and hunger for it) blogs and digital content behind paywalls remain as important and as digestible as ever.

PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER: You're hitting all senses with your media platforms. You're making the audience listen to what you have to say with your podcast; the correlating video clips let them see and feel your emotions during the recording; the transcribed blog post or explanation behind bits of the podcast allow readers even more detail that may have not made the cut.

The great thing about media mediums is, you don't have to choose just one. Stretch your creativity and use each platform to your advantage. I guarantee you your brand or business has the ability to excel in audio, video and written, you just may need a guiding force to figure out how.

So, let's talk. We'll help you bring it all together and find your fit. Find your voices on each and every media medium available.

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