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the importance of good visuals

Impact. That is the very essence of leading a message with good visuals. A single photo, or even the very first shot in a video can hook a viewer or potential customer to listen to your message. The ability to give someone pause during a crazy, hectic schedule is irreplaceable.

I've been shooting video since 2006. I have made a lot of mistakes, and I have learned from some very stressful situations. I've also released my fair share of clunkers that didn't quite hit the mark. As someone matures in their video storytelling career, they first need to master their gear and the basics of building a good image. From there, they can rely on their fundamentals to find great pictures while taking risks for "that shot" by experimenting and breaking rules. Things like lighting, composition, scene dressing and even making the best of what you are presented with, are all skills developed over time and experience.

When approaching any story, tying it to human emotion will always be impactful. That should also be your approach when creating visuals. The basics of building a scene will always start with the composition fundamentals of shots including wides, mediums and a lot of tights. But what is the feeling that you are hoping to create for the viewer? Cozy? Intense? Dark foreboding? Having those questions in mind will help build your approach and final product.

Most of the projects that I work on are of a cinematic journalistic style. Rarely do I have opportunities to build a full set filled with lighting and equipment. Just me and my camera making the best with what is in front of me. After I get the standard fundamental shots to ensure that I can even tell a story, I will start my "play" process. I start to play within the scene. I look around for interesting details, and unique ways to frame a shot. What am I putting into the foreground? What am I leaving in the background? Does it help build the story from a visual perspective? Can the visuals alone tell the story without any sound bites? Is there action and movement that I can work in to make it more compelling? Take the viewer into the story by getting close to the subjects.

Let us help you cut through the noise and capture new fans. At new voice studios, we work to build emotional compelling digital content for your brand. If you think we could work together, please feel free to reach out at

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