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starting a company amidst a pandemic

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

January, 2020. New year, new business venture.

We had just launched our very own hockey podcast, Bardown Beauties, with our inaugural guest of NHL Network's Jamie Hersch setting us up for immense success. The sky was the limit for Fred, Alexis and me, and optimism could not have been higher.

Fast forward to three months later and, well, you all know the rest of how that following year (and even still currently) played out.

It would have been easy to pack it in. Fold up the podcast with the NHL season coming to a halt, and stop pursuing the goal of getting new voice studios off the ground. Hunker down and give it another shot once the world returned to 'normal' -- whatever that may have meant.

Instead, like Oregon Trail taught us, we forged ahead. We focused first on the podcast, solidifying its place among our hockey audience. We continued to create weekly content, never afraid to try something new or reconfigure approaches to help us grow.

After a year had passed, we turned our attention to new voice studios. We had survived, and some might say even thrived the previous year in content creation, so why not our startup with confidence. After all, confidence and creation are the pillars of any successful venture.

And that brings us to today: August, 2021. new voice studios has two podcasts and a few video projects under their belt with the hopes of many more projects and contractions in the future.

We are applying the principles that we were taught that made us successful in the work force (a combined 10+ years of experience in content creation of varying platforms between the three of us) but also shifting gears to make sure our approach is new, unique and is exactly what you want. Not to mention, we have prioritized a comfortable and professional setting at new voice studios, willing to work within hours that are conducive to balance.

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it's that you can change direction of what you want to do; lean on what you know and don't be afraid to use that to create a life that you want. Long gone are the days of 9-5 and in-office settings. People, like us, realized that there is an importance in a life/work balance versus a work/life balance.

So let's grow new voice studios. Let's have some fun and let's create some content that will be louder than the rest (in the right way). We look forward to hearing from you!

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