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networking vs. relationship building

"Networking is a dirty word to me. It is a frame of mind that I absolutely despise and feel like it accomplishes very little. It usually consists of the typical surface conversations that exist throughout much of corporate life. Sometimes it is as stuffy and overused as someone saying "circle back." It can even build a resentment toward one another of only looking at what the other person can do for them.

Building relationships. That is a phrase that means much more and will yield a greater crop. Things like thoughtfulness, courtesy, caring or personal curiosity. Those are strong pillars for building a strong tribe or "network." Our success will be built on this foundation. We want to hear about your struggles, your wild successes, your out right failures. Going to a deeper level that isn't just surface can help each other understand one another and find surprising opportunities." -- Fred

"It’s true. It’s all about who you know. But better yet, who you know is mostly up to you. And the cherry on top of it all is that you never know who you know knows, you know? What I’m saying is, take the opportunities: the unpaid ones, the odd hour ones, the ‘let’s catch up over lunch’ ones. The list goes on and on because, truly, the connections you make networking, or building relationships as Fred suggested, may not come in handy the next day or even the next month or year. But, somewhere down the line you’ll have a question or need advice or be looking for a new job and you’ll know just the person to reach out to when you do.

The cool thing about networking is that you can never really have too many people in your circle. Networking does not just mean finding people who can get you where you need to go but just as importantly (or maybe even more importantly) it helps build a circle of people who are cheering you on at each achievement and pushing you forward when you feel like you’re falling behind. When you finally do reach that big goal of yours, you’ll be able to trace a line back to the beginning with all the people who played a part in it along the way. And then, you’ll realize, that without networking, the finish line to that goal might have been further away or even in a different direction completely." -- Alexis

"I am an empath to a fault. Sussing that out, the reason I have such deep rooted empathy for people or situations is because, for me, making that connection in any way shape or form is incredibly important. I seek it often, and value that trait about myself. I thrive upon getting to know people past the surface. I look for ways that we are alike, different, can compliment one another, push each other and ultimately form a relationship.

Fred and Alexis are both right; networking is about building those relationships. It's about forming a bond with someone be it through business, a common interest in a sporting team, or just general demeanors clicking.

I've founded my career on networking/relationship building. We've created new voice studios via the same train. By using our innate passion for people, relationships and storytelling, we are able to tell a story in greater detail, with more conviction than most.

So let's connect. Let's network. Let's add you to our circle."

-- Jessi

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