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it begins

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

When Jessi Pierce and I sat down in a booth at Highland Grill in St. Paul, Minn., we were both excited to start our journey toward creating a brand-new Minnesota hockey podcast. Using Jessi's fantastic storytelling ability and incredible network within the hockey community, we knew it was going to be a win. We set out to pair Jessi with a co-host with who was a rising star in the hockey world, and someone who would be able to bridge the gap into the women's hockey leagues, with an additional bright ability to connect passion with intellect. In walked Alexis Pearson to fill that role.

We worked the podcast for 10 months and were able to land huge guests including Doc Emerick, Lou Nanne, and NHL Players like Devan Dubnyk, Charlie Coyle and Marcus Foligno. After our initial podcast success, we felt we could continue to combine our talents and our past experience to better tell the stories of our communities, and help brands big and small be seen.

Video, podcasting, photography, digital storytelling. New Voice Studios. What's your story going to be? And how are you going to share it with a new voice?


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