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the swiss-army knife CEO

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Fred has always had an eye for beauty and a skill in making that beauty come alive in film and photography. He graduated from the University of Missouri where he found his passion for storytelling. He started his career in television news in Iowa, shooting and editing content for stations across the country. He covered everything from historic floods to championship football teams. He mastered high-pressure environments, and learned how to focus on the character to tell a story.

From Iowa, Fred traveled to Seattle to further perfect his craft. He learned that the best storytellers are impeccable listeners, and beautiful video can carry a story. He then channeled that skill into the sports world, working for the Minnesota Wild and Minnesota Vikings, still constantly seeking for those goosebump moments.

Today, Fred remains determined to make people stop what they're doing to watch his work. He knows how to make a less-than exciting topic shine and matter to the masses. His current time at UnitedHealthcare as a content producer gave him invaluable experience in the corporate communications world, telling the stories of the largest employer in the state of Minnesota. Other achievements include: Six-time telly award winner, Edward R. Murrow winner, Emmy-nominated.

Sports, journalism, corporate communications; at the end of the day, Fred is always trying to find the heart and humanity in every story.

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