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Minnesota Homecoming for U.S. Army Sgt. Efferim Tillman & Army Spc. Jessica Poplin

Cal Petersen: BEL13VE Golf Tournament


What We Do

Digital. Content Marketing.

With decades of storytelling experience on nearly every platform, the new voice team works tirelessly to give your brand/business/company/team a voice louder than the rest. 

Podcasting, videography, social media, blogging and overall marketing strategy: you name it, we can make it happen for you in a unique voice that best matches your brand.


Our Story

What happens when digital creators come together? First, a podcast is born; then new voice studios. 

For our founders Jessi and Fred, it was the love for sports and the emotions that fuel them. But we knew that feeling could go beyond the field and provide a connection that everyone seeks.

At new voice, we want to connect the community. We want to connect the audience with a story -- your story.


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